OYSOulun Yliopistollinen Sairaala (Oulu, Finland)
OYSOffice of Youth Services
OYSOutstanding Young Scientist (award)
OYSOgrenci Yerlestirme Sinavi (Turkish university exam; defunct since 1999)
OYSOntario Youth Senate
OYSOnline Youth Services
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The modulatory role of melatonin as cytoprotective against OYS was also evaluated.
001, respectively) in the blood and liver of OYS group as compared to control group.
In this study, the rats treated with OYS showed a significant increase in blood and liver SOD activity; plasma and liver TBARS concentration and blood catalase activity; whereas there was no noticeable change in catalase activity in liver.
respectively) and no significant change in the HDL in the group treated with OYS versus control group.
Reversed the effect of OYS as evidenced by the decrease in serum LDL, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose concentration compared with the group treated with OYS alone (12.
In the present study the increased cholesterol level in OYS group is accompanied by liver damage and the subsequent increase in LDL, triglycerides and glucose concentration, whereas no significant change was observed in HDL level in the same group.
In the present work, the administration of melatonin reversed the effect of OYS on cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and glucose concentration which indicates that melatonin plays a hypocholesterolic role by two means; first through enhancing the catabolism of cholesterol to bile, second by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis and accumulation of LDL (Chan and Tang, 1995).