OZUO Zawarciu Umowy (Polish: Information Processing Centre; Warsaw, Poland)
OZUOfficina Zone Umane (Italian: Human Zone Workshop; cultural center)
OZUOffener Ziviler Ungehorsam (German: Open Civil Disobedience; Germany)
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His world of comically glum outsiders and deadpan rock 'n' rollers has earned him comparisons to Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch, a good friend of his, while the sense of artifice and discipline he wields in the crafting of his films brings to mind Anderson's own stylistic mastery as well as that of Ozu, Robert Bresson, Jacques Tati, and Roy Andersson, whose most famous works are as if Kaurismaki's comedic traits, despairing worldview, and visual tidiness were all pushed to their extremes and given a ghoulish, desaturated makeover.
Yet he remains a relic jzvt or ozu or vaprs remember
Ozu, 62, now chief of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, will succeed Haruo Kasama as prosecutor general, or chief of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, government officials said.
TOKYO - Hiroshi Ozu, chief of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, will be promoted to Japan's top prosecutor to replace Haruo Kasama, justice ministry and prosecution sources said Wednesday.
So you can only release a couple from Ozu or Bergman or Kurosawa or Fellini or Antonioni per year.
Writing in a prose-poetry style, Olds explores with a brutal and raw honesty how Gennaro's Italian Year by Gennaro Contaldo (Headline) A recent trip to Lazio, Italy to pick olives for OZU, a cultural centre, changed my life.
Around 400 of the 3,200 employees at the factory in Ozu, Kumamoto Prefecture, will likely be transferred to a four-wheel vehicle factory in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, and other domestic plants within a few years, the officials said.
Bazi toplumlarda bu durumun hala surdugunu, bazen farkli uygulama ve gorunumlerle karsilasilsa bile kadinlara yonelik varolan bu olumsuz alginin, bir kisi olmanin dinsel ya da insani ozu olarak dusunulen ussalligin, niceliksel ve/veya niteliksel olarak kadinlarda bulunmadigi ya da erkeklere kiyasla daha az bulundugu yargisi uzerinde temellendirildigine tanik oluyoruz.
It also is an example of the famed shomin-geki (home drama) mode of classical Japanese cinema, and reminded many critics of Ozu.
A new neighbour, Mr Ozu, comes into the apartment complex and changes their lives forever, bringing with him love, life and friendship.
In New York, he educated himself and cites Antonioni, Ozu, Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Bresson as influences: he absorbed their fixed-camera style.
LATE AUTUMN PG 128 mins, opens Friday, January 29 A LIMITED re-issue of this classic 1960 Japanese drama from acclaimed filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu about a widow trying to marry off her daughter.