OZUO Zawarciu Umowy (Polish: Information Processing Centre; Warsaw, Poland)
OZUOfficina Zone Umane (Italian: Human Zone Workshop; cultural center)
OZUOffener Ziviler Ungehorsam (German: Open Civil Disobedience; Germany)
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Kore-eda utilizes static long shots, like his predecessors Ozu and Mizoguchi, to mute the melodrama of particularly emotional scenes.
18) However, by centring on urbanite children and provincial grandparents, Ozu combines two disparate existential spaces in a single house, documenting the gradual, silent, and painful disintegration of the family that occupies it.
The current discourse on Japanese film history largely constitutes studies of prominent auteurs--such as Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa--and the development of particular film genres.
En la prodigiosa Caminando, de 2008, Koreeda trato los temas centrales de su cine--los vinculos familiares, la huella de esos vinculos y los momentos que dejamos pasar--en un estilo narrativo que hacia homenaje a su influencia mas directa: los relatos costumbristas del director Yasujiro Ozu.
Just as Yasujiro Ozu, a beloved hero of his, returned again and again to the terrain of Japanese family life and extracted from it a rich spectrum of characters and experiences, the Finnish producer, editor, writer, and director has firmly established the plight of the poor as his chief topic, remaining remarkably consistent in style and subject matter while simultaneously managing to produce works of great depth and variety.
The Polsinelli/Khodadadian team is also in the market with the long-term leasehold interest in the ground and lower levels of 78 Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights, occupied by OZU Japanese Cuisine & Lounge until 2080.
TOKYO - The Cabinet decided Friday to promote Hiroshi Ozu, Japan's No.
TOKYO - Hiroshi Ozu, chief of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, will be promoted to Japan's top prosecutor to replace Haruo Kasama, justice ministry and prosecution sources said Wednesday.
The Japanese classic, Tokyo Story from acclaimed director Yaujiro Ozu will be screened this month, followed by the August screening of Always Sunset on Third Street from one of Japan's top visual effects artists, Takashi Yamazaki.
So you can only release a couple from Ozu or Bergman or Kurosawa or Fellini or Antonioni per year.
Writing in a prose-poetry style, Olds explores with a brutal and raw honesty how Gennaro's Italian Year by Gennaro Contaldo (Headline) A recent trip to Lazio, Italy to pick olives for OZU, a cultural centre, changed my life.
Around 400 of the 3,200 employees at the factory in Ozu, Kumamoto Prefecture, will likely be transferred to a four-wheel vehicle factory in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, and other domestic plants within a few years, the officials said.