OATIOpen Access Technology International
OATIOpen Access Technology International, Inc
OATIOntario Agricultural Training Institute (energy industry software developer)
OATIObligation Assimilable du Trésor Indexée sur l'iinflation
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8220;Through the arrangement with OATI, FlexNet customers can have an accessible, user-friendly and customizable program that suits their consumer's needs without a large capital outlay or complicated programming.
aj lamba/nwmen, a)namimnvsko/menoi to\ th=j eu)kinh/tou te kaii duskinh/tou fu/sewj oAti dieilo/meqa e)n toiIj pro/sqen: tau/tv ga\r dh\ metadiwkte/on pa/nta oAsa e)pinoou=men e(leiIn.
Beyond InfraGard, OATI remains committed to other national level cybersecurity initiatives, including those governing the Bulk Electric System (BES).
Over the last two years, OATI has worked on development, testing, and training of webSmartOASIS, an enhanced version of their webOASIS solution, which was first deployed in September 2001.
OATI is pleased to announce that OATI has been granted a patent from the U.
EnSync Energy Systems and OATI are pleased to announce a strategic alliance that brings together decades of experience and next generation Modernized Grid solutions to provide utilities with a seamless distributed energy resource and management solution for improved system reliability and economics.
In addition to the newly signed agreement with OATI, progress continues to be made on the existing system installation at the facility in Bloomington, MN, with the Phase I installation expected to be completed in the current quarter and the Phase II expansion being scheduled for late this summer;