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OOfficer (military)
OOperator (telephone)
OOut (baseball)
ONew Orleans, Louisiana (mint mark)
OOscar (aviation letter code)
OOffensive (Catholic movie rating)
OOrtho (Benzene)
OOrder of Magnitude (computer algorithms)
OOtis (Redding)
OImmediate (logging abbreviation)
OOscar Robertson (former NBA player)
OOprah (magazine)
OOuest (French: west)
OObservation (US military aircraft designation; as in O-1)
OOrthogonal (mathematics)
OObstacle (course)
ODefensive Team (sports/coaching)
OOmikron (German: Omicron; 15th letter of the Greek alphabet)
OOberst (German)
OOver to You (radio communications)
OMorally Offensive (Catholic movie rating)
OOrigin Server (Internet)
OOptional Levels (board test for high schoolers, UK)
OOhne Hauch (antigen)
OOst/Osten (German: East)
OMeasurement of Cloud Cover
OToy train railroad gauge (2 1/4 inch wide, originated in Germany)
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As luck would have it, Sean Foley - an associate of Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes - was driving through Cape Cod as Mason was on the air.
On Sunday, February 11, there will be an informal concert when Ursula Bambuch, soprano and Simon Oberst, bass, make a return visit to Dunblane to join Cathedral Organist Kevin Duggan for a programme of music by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Faure, Martin and Dvorak.
Laura Oberst, head of Wells Fargo's business banking group, said, 'We created the new regional structure and established the specialized industry group to be closer to our business banking customers and continue to provide them with the financial services, products, and advice they need to manage risk, maximize efficiency and grow their business.
San Francisco, California-based Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has announced that Monica Cole has succeeded Laura Oberst to head Middle Market Banking for the North Region, the company said.
Wells Fargo & Company announced today that Laura Oberst will succeed Hugh Long as head of its Business Banking Group (BBG), effective immediately.
Oberst Kruger, chief of the Plunder Squad, is desperately searching for a priceless diamond, and he demands Tygos help.
Hollice Oberst, a 29-year neighbor of the Lost Valley Education Center, wrote this essay with the help of Ed Avila, Diane Avila, David Senkovich and John Large, all of whom are longtime residents of Lost Valley Lane in Dexter.
ey have toured the US with the likes of Elvis Costello and Conor Oberst (aka Bright Eyes) on their way to Birmingham next week.
The two plot strands come together when Tygo's boss, Oberst Kruger, begins the hunt for the Red Queen, a legendary diamond which will secure his passage to safety in Argentina.
California-born Mills, who has collaborated with Norah Jones, Conor Oberst, Kid Rock and Lana Del Rey, might well have the most tortured of tortured souls, but he's poured all of it into this beautiful, bleak, powerful album.
headliners: indie rocker Conor "Bright Eyes" Oberst, the Drive By Truckers, The Jayhawks, and M.
There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ways to get through the day -- just find one,'' Conor Oberst counsels on his new solo album, "Upside Down Mountain.