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OBJOlusegun Obasanjo (president of Nigeria)
OBJOrlando Business Journal
OBJObject Marker (linguistics)
OBJQueryObject Systems Corporation (stock symbol)
OBJOffences Brought to Justice (UK; also seen as OBTJ)
OBJOcala Business Journal
OBJOfficial Black Jester (website)
OBJOn-Board Jammer
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Contamination factor (table 8a and fig 9a) show that Fe recorded low contamination at three locations Obj10, obj 12 and obj14 while the remaining locations showed moderate contamination.
From the dismount point, the platoon would proceed to its assault position, and the vehicles would move to a larger area to the south of the OBJ to provide mounted direct fire support if necessary and standby for a mounted extraction.
Fix the enemy on OBJ CAT in order to pass the battalion (-) along AXIS WHITE.
OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) revealed stunning new character and environment designs today for Phantasmic, the debut gaming app from Novalon Games, the development house owned by OBJE and Source Street, LLC.
Even as Phantasmic nears release on Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Play and the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) App Store, OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) and Novalon Games are proud to announce that work has already begun on the partners' next mobile gaming adventure.
This week, OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) will reveal the latest new character artwork from Phantasmic, the debut gaming app developed through the company's joint venture partner Novalon Games.
Obscene Interactive, the gaming division of OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE), announced today that smartphone testing is now underway on Phantasmic, the dynamic new gaming app being prepared for release on Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Play.
Contract notice: S95510 / 259-mimz / 2015, 1120 wien, tilt alley heckenast burian kdogeb, construction of 2 office buildings, obj.
With the first offering from Novalon Games nearing completion, OBJ Enterprises (OTCBB: OBJE) joint venture partner Source Street, LLC, is implementing an online marketing initiative to spread the word about the new Phantasmic gaming app.
Novalon Games, the gaming app developer founded by OBJ Enterprises' (OTCBB: OBJE) joint venture with Source Street cleared a major hurdle this week in its mission to release Phantasmic on Apple's App Store.
Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Bushnell 191042 Magnification x Obj Lens:10x 42mm Close Focus: ft/m6.