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5) Observer/Controller teams have recently assisted in training U.
Major Horne is a brigade CBRN trainer observer/controller at the NTC.
At the time this article was written, he was serving as an observer/controller for Maneuver Staff and Intelligence at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California.
Major Ward was the MI Observer/Controller at the U.
The Camp Casey instrumentation supports training for dismounted infantry, vehicles and observer/controllers -- and it is expandable to integrate with over 2,000 live players and 8,000 virtual and constructive entities.
The training support package consisted of the Warhog Maneuver Task Force Observer/Controller (OC) Team, members of Grafenwoehr Range Control, and elements of the Deployable Instrumental Systems in Europe (DISE) team.
They also conducted observer/controller certification to ensure that the squads would receive instruction and feedback from highly qualified leaders.
Later in the deployment, EPLRS radios were installed on two UH-60 Blackhawk Medevac helicopters, several Kuwaiti armored troop vehicles and in observer/controller vehicles.
During the AAR, the observer/controller (O/C) pointed out the weaknesses and suggested a tactical pause before entering a room.
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Boden is currently the Senior Operations Observer/Controller on the Timberwolf (Infantry) Team at the Combat Maneuver Training Center, Hohenfels, Germany.
Army Special Operations Command units and provided observer/controller augmentees to the Joint Readiness Training Center and the National Training Center.
Each lane is executed using an observer/controller script that is standard throughout the operations group.