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Herbert ran for 14 yards on the first play and then hit Nelson for a 42-yard touchdown to score on just three plays that took 43 seconds off the clock.
The Off The Clock 2014 Curated Personal Photography Exhibition will hang (for two months respectively) at three of the most prestigious agencies in Los Angeles: TBWACHIATDAY, Ignited and Deutsch.
Birmingham University is turning off the clock face lights on its iconic clock tower.
Low prices, hot gender-bending photo shoots and playfully-named prints like "Fool's Gold," "Terminal Illness" (an homage to Swine Flu) and an X-ray print called "Skeletie" will have you happily sporting neck ties, on and off the clock.
has announced that it will pay at least $352 million, and possibly up to $640 million, to settle 63 class-action lawsuits across the nation that claim that the retailer forced employees to work off the clock.
Having a job that consumes you on and off the clock is a surefire path to burnout.
The speed was off the clock at 155mph, its maximum speed.
Bernstein then criticized reporters for rushing from event to event and not taking the time to do in-depth stories - even if they had to work off the clock.
5 million in a class action for working off the clock will now share an additional $62.
What had been a dormant offense came to life, as Burroughs opened the second half by driving 87 yards, racking up seven first downs and chewing up more than 10 minutes off the clock.
Regardless of how disgruntled they or other employees who believe they have been forced to work off the clock without pay may be, their interests are sufficiently aligned with the interest of the entire class.
SHAME on Liverpool Hackney taxi drivers for turning off the clock and asking people for pounds 50 to pounds 80 to take them from Aintree to town on Grand National weekend.