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OFTELOffice of Telecommunications (British)
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Yet Oftel almost had a blind faith that competition was always good and jumped in feet first.
Remember, of course, that it was Oftel that promised consumers greater choice by scrapping BT's monopoly.
Chief executive Bill Allan said: "We were extremely concerned and disappointed by the results of the Oftel survey.
But it said the supplier had been approved by the independent committee for the supervision of standards of telephone information services (ICSTIS), the body which compiled the study for Oftel.
Yet Oftel, which ordered the end of BT's 192 monopoly in the first place, is now doing too little to regulate the industry that it created and is responsible for, and is allowing poor providers to hammer consumer confidence in directory enquiries.
However, he was critical of the way Oftel had managed the switch.
Oftel will switch off all 192 services onAugust 24.
Oftel deputy director general Peter Waller said: ``Some operators already have codes of practice for disconnection in place.
Oftel is scrutinising all the mobile networks on allegations of retail price maintenance and "concerted practice on margin squeeze" following a complaint brought by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors.
We want to know what work Oftel has done to investigate the impact on these and other vulnerable groups.
Oftel is aware that the consumer is now looking for unmetered access, and reckons that out of the myriad of business models and banners screaming "free" the customer will eventually get what he's looking for.
The products are fully compliant with the recently published spectral management requirements of OFTEL, the government department responsible for regulation of the UK telecommunications industry.