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OGTOhio Graduation Test
OGTOperation Game Thief (various US state anti-poaching programs)
OGTOral Glucose Tolerance (Test)
OGTOutgoing Trunk
OGTOffice of Greenways & Trails (Florida)
OGTorogastric tube
OGTObviously Gay Trait
OGTOriginal Gangsta Tool
OGTOrder of Good Templars
OGTOriginal Gansta Tool
OGtOld Gutnish (linguistics)
OGTOversampled Gabor Transform
OGTOutlet Gas Temperature
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Cabe dizer que o grupo de doencas incluidas pela OIT vinha de uma classificacao "limitada e prudente", que nao afetava smuito o desenvolvimento da industria, segundo a Junta de Representantes da OGT (15).
While there are no reports of the role of OGT on male reproduction of Chinese pigs or breed differences in OGT expression, a genomic region located on chromosome X encompassing OGT was examined.
Since the glucose reference range during OGT testing is inde pendent of gender and age, the study included 83% of women and 17% of men, with an average age of 36.
When the team monitored the feeding patterns of the mice, they found that those missing OGT ate the same number of meals -- on average, 18 a day -- as their normal littermates but tarried over the food longer and ate more calories at each meal.
Mike Evans, CEO of OGT commented, The protein array platform offers a unique approach for the identification of biomarkers for human disease.
According to the Ohio Department of Education, the OGT is a criterion-referenced assessment based on the Ohio Content Standards that ensures students who graduate and receive a diploma from a school in the state of Ohio achieve at least minimum standards in the content areas--reading, science, mathematics, and social studies assessments.
UK genetics research solutions provider Oxford Gene Technology, or OGT, said it had acquired local DNA technology provider Cytocell Ltd for an undisclosed amount.
It started life supplying business applications, before concentrating on a number of ogt All of which is good news for PCMS which has its headquarters on the Westwood Business Park in Coventry, as well as offices in Huntingdon.
Pureit has multiple variants in its portfolio namely: PureitIntella (12 litres), Pureit Classic (14 litres), Pureit Classic (23 litres), Pureit Advanced (23 litres), Pureit Auto Fill (23 litres),PureitMarvella OGT, PureitMarvella UV and PureitMarvella RO.
In a parallel animal study, Bale and colleagues were looking for predictive biomarkers of maternal stress and found that a specific protein in the placenta, OGT, may have implications for brain development in offspring.
An enzyme called OGT plays a key role in protecting the brain during gestation.
Sengenics has been offering protein array-based biomarker discovery services through OGT for a number of years.