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OHAMOral History of American Music (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
OHAMOffice of HIV and AIDS Malignancy (National Cancer Institute)
OHAMOrchestre d'Harmonie de l'Alliance Musicale
OHAMOrganización Hebrea Argentina MACABI (Jewish Community Center; Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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The solutions of fractional order Fredholm integro-differential equations showed that OHAM is not only useful for differential equations but also for fractional order integro-differential equations, which shows its strength and potential in science and engineering.
The article is organized as follows: we first formulated OHAM for factional order Fredholm Integro-differential equations in section 2.
The editors of OHAM adopted a decidedly egalitarian approach to the organization of their volume; they have shifted issues traditionally occupying the periphery of discussions of musicals to the center.
OHAM contains ten black and white photographs and images, few quotations of lyrics, and no printed musical examples.
Given the passage of time, it would be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to attempt to track down the interviewers and interviewees, or their respective estates and heirs, in order to secure the rights to those interviews so that OHAM may make them more widely available to the general public.
25) Therefore, assuming that copyright in an interview is jointly owned, Yale or OHAM would be considered a joint owner with the interviewee, or the interviewee's heirs if deceased.
Basic mathematical theory of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method OHAM is used to the following equation:
To analysis the reliability of OHAM, Two models of Lax's7 th order KdV and 7 th K equations are presented by OHAM.
In section 2 the basic idea of OHAM is formulated [12-16].
In section 2 OHAM formulation is given and applied to two models of BVPs.
In [11-15] OHAM has been proved to be useful for approximate solution of nonlinear boundary value problems for a single differential equation.
1: Comparison of the OHAM results with Exact HPM and Wang