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OIAOffice of International Affairs
OIAOutdoor Industry Association
OIAOfficial Information Act (New Zealand Parliament)
OIAOrlando International Airport
OIAOahu Interscholastic Association
OIAOperator Information Area
OIAOrganización Internacional Agropecuaria (Spanish: International Agriculture Organization; Argentina)
OIAOffice of International Activities (EPA)
OIAOregonians in Action
OIAOffice of Internal Audit (government)
OIAOffice of Internal Affairs
OIAOrganización Indígena de Antioquía (Spanish: Indigenous Organization of Antioquia; Antioquia, Columbia)
OIAOffice of Indian Affairs
OIAOld Indo-Aryan (linguistics)
OIAOpportunity International Australia
OIAOrganización Israelita Argentina (Peronist Jewish organization in the late 1940s and early 1950s)
OIAOffice of Imagery Analysis (CIA)
OIAOffice of the Assistant Secretary for Information Analysis
OIAOuterworld Investigation Agency (gaming, Mortal Kombat Special Forces Organization)
OIAOffice of Instructional Assistance
OIAOperational Impact Assessment (military rating of the impact of testing failures)
OIAOceanic Industries Association
OIAOld Ignatian Association
OIAOrder of Independent Americans
OIAOrganize It All (various organizations)
OIAOrganization of Independent Artists (New York)
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About OIA Global: Since its founding in 1988, OIA has grown into a $1 billion supply chain leader delivering clients a unique combination of global logistics, materials sourcing, and packaging solutions.
The Ditto and OIA "Garments on Ditto" program launches on September 1st.
To revise the ICS format, OIA utilized virtual interns working online remotely from their universities.
OIAs are intermediaries, consultancies, and agencies helping their clients to accelerate an open innovation project by providing dedicated tools, methods, access to an established community of solvers or participants, but also offer education and process consulting.
The pretty village of Oia is legendary for its blood-red sunsets, attracting crowds who gather along the cliffs, some scaling walls and roofs for photos.
He added: "The OIA is privileged and delighted to be leading this campaign, but it will only succeed if the trade gets behind it in a big way.
With the introduction of tuition fees of up to pounds 9,000 per year, the trend is expected to continue, with the OIA predicting it will receive more than 2,300 complaints this year.
Internal control weaknesses previously reported by GAO and others continue to exist, and about 40 percent of grant projects funded through OIA have these weaknesses, which may increase their susceptibility to mismanagement.
We rode to Oia on a public bus packed with day-tripping cruise passengers.
On page 181 he says in the section on Indo-Aryan in the Indus valley: "By 1500 BCE, when the first hymns of the Rigveda are believed to have been composed, that portion of the Indo-Aryan speech community which was associated with the OIA texts was located in the upper Indus Valley .
BioStar OIA is a rapid assay (15 minutes) that detects only toxin A.