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His book The Oil Depletion Protocol won ForeWord magazine's Gold Environmental Award in 2007.
Adopt an Oil Depletion Protocol, which creates a framework for oil producing and consuming nations to reduce production and imports to keep ahead of the global depletion of oil supplies (as Sweden, Iceland, Cuba and a few other nations are already doing).
A global oil depletion protocol to provide for equitable sharing of available oil.
The Oil Depletion Protocol describes a unique accord whereby nations would voluntarily reduce their oil production and oil imports according to a consistent, sensible formula.
He also shows how the protocol can be adopted at national, municipal and personal levels and provides a draft oil depletion protocol provided by Dr.
One proposed method--perhaps the simplest imaginable--is the Oil Depletion Protocol, proposed by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and the Post Carbon Institute.
And finally, carbon emissions would be reduced substantially--especially if the Oil Depletion Protocol were adopted in tandem with a strengthened version of the Kyoto Protocol.
The Oil Depletion Protocol would not by itself solve all of the problems raised by Peak Oil.
Richard Heinberg is a journalist, lecturer, and the author of seven books, including The Party's Over, Powerdown, and The Oil Depletion Protocol.
Reductions of Australia's emissions of around 90% by 2050, based on equity principles and setting up a system of Tradeable Energy Quotas, and an Oil Depletion Protocol imply fundamental change from current practice altering the lifestyle of the entire community.
Colin Campbell was responsible for the development of the Oil Depletion Protocol.