OIOOverseas Investment Office (New Zealand)
OiOOnderzoeker in Opleiding
OIOOffentlig Information Online (Danish: Public Information Online; Denmark)
OIOOpen Infrastructure Offering
OIOOffice of the Investment Ombudsman (Korea)
OIOOffice of Independent Oversight (US Department of Education)
OIOOperational Integration Office
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The OIO design team C responsible for product designs for companies including LG Electronics, Hoover, and Samsung C spent over two years exploring every aspect of the technology and design required to produce the best audio experience for iPad Air fans.
dal formento (grain) 1; dal oio de lin (linseed oil) 1; dal oro (gold) 1; dala grana (grain) 2; dale camese (shirts) 1; dale cape (capes) 1; dale erbe (herbs) 1; dale tele (canvas) 1; dale vele (sails) 1; dalo bin (linen) 1.
The development objective of the Participatory Rural Development Project for Guinea-Bissau is to increase access to priority basic social and economic infrastructures and services in participating communities in the Bafata, Biombo, Cacheu and Oio regions of Guinea-Bissau.
edncm) MO MUM / OUO (Mall) MQ RIMM (rim, a membrane--oed) / RIQQ MU IMMES (immeasurable--oed) / IUUES (Jew-oed) NO INN / IOO (see LO) NQ RINN (run--oed) / RIQQ NX FINN / FIXX OP OAO (see DO) / PAP OQ OIO (Hawaiian ladyfish) / QIQ (mutiny-Klingon) OT OEO (New Zealand) / TET OV OAO (see DO) / VAV (see IV) (tate--oed) OW DOOE (doe--oed) / DWWE OX OEO (New Zealand) / XEX (El (due--oed) Xex in Guatemala) PQ RIPP (reap--oed) / RIQQ PU OPPER (Chile) / OUUER (over--oed) PX FOPP (fop n.
TEL AVIV, Israel -- Explay, an Israeli technology company specializing in the development of miniature mobile projectors, will unveil, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the new version of the oio companion, a stand alone battery operated projector that connects to mobile devices.
Display and validation tools for OIO document standard used by software companies to validate and present data in the OIOUBL documents exchanged via NemHandel.
OIO consent is based on a national interest determination.
This allows for letter words such as RD for hardy, LT for healthy, AAT for hasty, FV for heavy, OIO for Ohio.
HERZLIYA, Israel -- Explay introduced and demonstrated the oio at a press conference at SID 2007 in Long Beach, California today.
The OIO said that the Associate Finance Minister Jonathan Coleman and Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson would be making the final decision.
Fly Fishing - Bonefish, oio in Hawaiian, thrive in the sandy, shallow waters off The Kahala.
OIO the Hawaiian ladyfish or bonefish, a herring-like species with silvery scales, found in the warm waters of the Pacific.