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The National Paying Agency (NMA) has been calling for applications for the preservation of livestock and poultry of old old Lithuanian breeds already in the first year.
Thus, the number of livestock or poultry of the old Lithuanian breeds that are extinct during the mentioned period can not be lower than on the date of application.
From the historical point of view, the most valuable part of the collection are the old Lithuanian shellac records, collected in cooperation with researchers of Lithuanian recordings, collectors Algirdas Motieka (Lithuania) and Vytautas Strolia (Lithuanian emigrant who spent his long living years in the USA and donated his records collection to the National Library).
In Soviet times, we were always on the hunt for old Lithuanian recordings in various ways, but they were hard to find, it was forbidden to acquire them, and it was necessary to hide the recordings from Soviet censorship; once collected, often the recordings were inaccessible to the Lithuanian public at that time.
The Lithuanians on the battlefield can also be distinguished by the Columns of Gediminas, one of the old Lithuanian coats of arms, on their shields and flags while the Poles decorate their shields and flags with their coat of arms, the White Eagle.
This is important in order to withdraw the old Lithuanian litas from circulation as quickly as possible.
In the description of the video he wrote: "Monarch substituted their plane for a decrepit 30 plus year old Lithuanian 737 which was delayed by three hours then when it arrived it broke down.
More than 95 percent of 12-15-year old Lithuanian teenagers currently use mobile phones.
Now the national archive of sound documents contains more than 8,000 titles of which 1,600 titles are old Lithuanian shellac records as a Lithuanian sound heritage.
In another case, a 20-year old Lithuanian woman was bought for just pounds 5,000 from London and brought to Cardiff.
They include the bizarre Devils Museum, which has more than 3,000 puppets, toys, mannequins and ornaments on display, and the IX Fort, an old Lithuanian prison which was turned into a death camp by the occupying Nazis during World War Two.
But within a couple of weeks of meeting his new colleagues he could be back facing his old Lithuanian chums in the crucial qualifier.