OLOFOptimum Level of Functioning (healthcare term)
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Hermod and Hadvor took but little notice of the Queen and her daughter, but, on the other hand, Hadvor and the Queen's maid, whose name was Olof, were very friendly, and Olof came often to visit Hadvor in her castle.
One time, when Olof was in the castle beside Hadvor, she asked the Princess if she knew where Hermod had gone to.
I shall tell you then,' said Olof, 'for I know all about it.
Hadvor now became still sadder than before at the thought of the marriage destined for her, and entreated Olof to think of some plan to save her.
I think,' said Olof, 'that your wooer will come up through the floor of the castle to you, and so you must be prepared when you hear the noise of his coming and the floor begins to open, and have at hand blazing pitch, and pour plenty of it into the opening.
First and foremost,' said Olof, 'you must get a wide cloak to wear over your other clothes, when you are put into the mound.
After they were both left there everything happened just as Olof had said.
Nordax Group AB (STO:NDX) announced on Friday the appointment of Olof Mankert has been appointed as chief risk officer, effective immediately.
The trust has provided assistance on an ad hoc basis to Olof Palme Primary School since July 2006 with a feeding programme.
Tres controverse, Olof Palme etait aussi l'un des rares hommes politiques occidentaux a effectuer une visite officielle a Cuba, a prendre part a des manifestations populaires ou a accueillir Yasser Arafat alors president de l'Organisation de liberation de la Palestine.
Olof Mellberg celebrates his goal with team-mate Aaron Hughes.
Lord Olof Lindgren, the head of the European Union delegation, said they were concerned about the human rights violation in Kashmir.