OLSATOtis-Lennon School Ability Test (Harcourt Assessment Inc)
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The difference between these groups on the OLSAT was not statistically significant (d = .
81 Table 2 Pearson Product-Moment Correlations Between Scores on Five Dependent Variables Conser- Woodcock- Seriation vation Johnson III OLSAT Oddity, .
Table 1 Pre- and post-test means of all dependent variables Dependant Pre-test Post-test variables Mean SD Mean SD OLSAT Experimental (a) 19.
The comparison group improved its cognitive performance as evaluated by the OLSAT battery, but showed practically no advance in mathematical concepts.
The OLSAT was not routinely offered to any student entering the district after the second grade.
The question should not have been whether these students could score highly enough on the OLSAT.
With parental support, we would create a test-eligible pool of ESOL students whom we would test using the OLSAT.
A final, personal contact was made to the families of specific students whom the faculty believed demonstrated academic promise or who had, themselves, expressed interest in taking the OLSAT.
To score within one standard deviation of the mean suggested that these students were functioning at a high level, as reading was key to testing well on the OLSAT.
When the students took the OLSAT, the school district's Office of Testing scored the answer sheets.
High-performing mathematics students could take high school algebra if they passed the districtwide algebra screening examination or presented an OLSAT qualitative score at least two standard deviations (= 130) above the norm.
The students are arranged by ascending OLSAT verbal scores within levels of English proficiency.