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OBFCCOlympic (Games) Broadcast Frequency Coordinating Committee
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This will be the crown jewel of the Olympics, as it was twice before," said Barry Sanders, chairman of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games.
Bloomberg, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, and NYC2012, the committee leading New York's bid for the Olympic Games in 2012, made the announcement last week.
EDITOR'S NOTE: In part three of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games series, we look at how communication, training and a strong recognition programme for staff contributed to the overall success of the largest press centre in Olympic Games history.
The Olympic torch will have passed through 46 states and 80 cities by the completion of its 13,500-mile odyssey to Salt Lake city for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Last September found the Arlington, Virginia, couple in Sydney, Australia, where they performed at the 2000 Olympic Games.
Steed was on the outside looking in as Atlanta locked up million dollar corporate sponsorships for the upcoming Olympic Games.
If they ever give a medal for Olympic Games preparation, this town's tree team is a shoo-in.
national team member who has won seven world championship medals and an Olympic silver, the most of any American rower in history.
Olympic Training Center Outdoor Training and Recreational Pool in Colorado Springs, Colo.