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OMAPOffice of Medical Assistance Programs (Oregon Department of Human Services)
OMAPOpen Multimedia Applications Platform (Texas Instruments semiconductor operating system)
OMAPOperation, Maintenance, and Administration Part (SS7 SCCP)
OMAPOhio Medication Algorithm Project (psychiatry)
OMAPOriginal Music Association of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
OMAPOperation and Maintenance Application Point (CCS #7-Sprint)
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is a member of TI's OMAP Developer Network, a group of leading software developers porting advanced applications to TI's high performance, power- efficient OMAP processors.
We see high-performance OMAP 2-based applications processors enabling the latest multimedia features in leading-edge mobile devices.
Ultimately, OMAP can salvage the most important aspect of the settlement - credibility - by holding LIPA rigorously accountable for meeting all of its commitments.
Dilithium Networks is a member of TI's OMAP Developer Network, a group of software developers porting advanced applications to TI's high performance, power-efficient OMAP processors.
With handheld device manufacturers' deployment of Fonix natural-speech technology using the OMAP platform, voice-enabled mobile applications are taking a huge step forward," said Kurt W.
As part of TI's OMAP family of flexible, open processors, the OMAP710 features full support of advanced mobile operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows CE, PalmOS, Symbian OS and Linux(R).
Sami Inkinen, director of products, wireless division at Nokia Mobile Phones, said that the OMAP platform would be used in Nokia's next generation of communicator and smart phones.
By collaborating with TI on the OMAP 4 platform, we are expanding our portfolio of optimized solutions to provide mobile and enterprise customers with multimedia-rich virtual desktop performance," said Dan Cordingley, president and chief executive officer.
New Omap says in effect this means a much smaller physical unit but with superior self-regulating control characteristics.
8 -- Texas Instruments today announced its new OMAP 5 mobile platform, a super-advanced mobile chipset that will enable Kinect-like gesture-based interfaces and potentially support Microsoft's new, ARM-based version of Windows.
TI, the world's number one supplier of GSM/GPRS baseband chips, is a leader in the applications processor market with its OMAP family of high-performance processors.
Working in close collaboration with TI, Total Immersion ensures that the D'Fusion platform will leverage the best the OMAP architecture has to offer for mobile devices.