ONHOptic Nerve Hypoplasia
ONHOptic Nerve Head (ophthalmology)
ONHOngkos Naik Haji (Indonesian: Hajj Fees Increases)
ONHOffice of Naval History (US Navy)
ONHOsaka National Hospital (Osaka, Japan)
ONHOld Naval Hospital
ONHOpera New Hampshire
ONHOperation New Hope, Inc. (est. 1999; Jacksonville, FL)
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8) Hence, the common theme in myopia (high myopia in particular) and glaucoma might be related to the blood circulation of the retina and ONH rather than structural features of the eye.
Therefore the leadership of ONH are announcing that with immediate effect we will suspend all armed actions against the British state.
This hypothesis is supported by the observation that elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) leads to blockage of axoplasmic transport despite intact ONH capillary circulation and increased arterial partial oxygen pressure.
Studies show that the balance between ocular blood flow and IOP is important for ONH circulation.
The evaluation of ONH parameters and RNFL thickness is illustrated in figure 1.
ONH is a leading cause of blindness in children in North America and Europe and is the only cause of childhood blindness that shows increasing prevalence.
Among the children with the three most prevalent visual conditions, 50% of those with ONH (n = 307) had only visual impairment compared to 33% (n = 231) of those with ROP ([[chi square].
In experiment 1, we used the California Syllable Test (CaST) [16-17] to compare consonant identification in younger subjects with normal hearing (YNH) and ONH subjects.
As far as possible, simple random sampling was followed for each of the five categories (OHM, OHF, NOHM, ONH, RC).
Source: Venue Solutions, Suite 38, Pinewood Studies, Iver Health, Buckinghamshire, SLO ONH, United Kingdom.
The apartment is built in anticipation of a government decision to lift quota restriction on the number of pilgrims to be sent by ONH Plus operators in 2007.
My Name Is Winona And I'm A Shoplifter opened onH IN another court case in California, prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a man who allegedly decapitated his dog in a bizarre bid to prove his love for his girlfriend.