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BOSTON -- CopperCom today announced that Ontario and Trumansburg Telephone Companies have completed the first stage of their deployment of CopperCom next-generation softswitches, part of a strategic network overhaul.
If it succeeds, it will make Northern Ontario seem like a real place.
employed nearly one million people in Ontario, 15% of the active work force in 2003;
The patient had visited a cottage on the lakeshore of an island in the north health region of Ontario 5 months before his hospitalization.
Your reviewer found himself asking precisely the same question as he made his way through A Promise Fulfilled: Highlights in the Political History of Catholic Separate Schools in Ontario, Michael Power's magisterial account of how Ontario Catholics won their children fully funded education from kindergarten to high-school graduation.
The November 20, 2003, Speech from the Throne confirmed previous announcements from the Ontario government of its intent to introduce legislation rolling back the general corporate tax rate reductions legislated by the previous government.
The result was an award-winning public affairs information campaign that began with a one-page advertorial series in a leading Ontario monthly farm magazine.
11 had a horrible impact on all four airports, but particularly LAX and Ontario,'' said Chief Financial Officer Karen Sisson of Los Angeles World Airports, the Los Angeles city agency that operates LAX, Ontario, Palmdale and Van Nuys airports.
However, I must admit this phenomenon of Toronto-bashing and the lack of a definable Ontario film culture is a bit of an obsession of mine.
Dennis' transition to the position of CEO of Hub Ontario not only reflects his development as a leader in our company, but also serves as a classic example of how we are putting our best people in our best opportunities.
With the Ontario government gradually closing the gap in four-laning the last 47 kilometres of Highway 11, south of North Bay, by 2012, the associated chambers want their concerns kept in the public eye.
To stage a province-wide tour of the children's play 'How to Hug a Porcupine', which addresses the problem of bullying amongst youth, and to produce a musical CD and a children's story book for distribution throughout Ontario schools.