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OPALSOntario Prehospital Advanced Life Support (study)
OPALSOgren Plant Allergy Scale (Thomas Ogren)
OPALSOlder People with Active Lifestyles (trademark of Dr. David J. Demko)
OPALSOptimized Portfolio As Listed Securities
OPALSOwain Phyfe Appreciative Listener Society (fan club)
OPALSOfficer Projection Aggregate Level System
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She was a charming woman of twenty-five or twenty-six years, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a nose slightly turned up, admirable teeth, and a complexion marbled with rose and opal.
The doctor then slowly poured some drops of the lemonade from the decanter into the cup, and in an instant a light cloudy sediment began to form at the bottom of the cup; this sediment first took a blue shade, then from the color of sapphire it passed to that of opal, and from opal to emerald.
There were diamonds - some of them exceedingly large and fine - a hundred and ten in all, and not one of them small; eighteen rubies of remarkable brilliancy; - three hundred and ten emeralds, all very beautiful; and twenty-one sapphires, with an opal.
The dome of clouds was tinged at its base with, as it were, the foam of rubies, fading away into opal and pearly tints, in proportion as the gaze was carried from base to summit.
Mine, naturally, was the least expensive; it was an opal ring--the opal was my favourite stone, because it seems to blush and turn pale as if it had a soul.
Ah yes, I recall the case; it was concerned with an opal tiara.
But at this open appeal to his rival there glowed in his opal eyeballs all the sensitive insolence of the slave; he knotted his enormous brown fists for an instant, and then, dashing open the door, disappeared into his own apartments beyond.
When he undid the parcel which Bertrade had tossed to him he found that it contained a beautifully wrought ring set with a single opal.
he said to her and me, one idle afternoon of opal skies, pied meadows and misty hills.
The little fishing village, nestled in the cove where the sand-dunes met the harbor shore, looked like a great opal in the haze.
On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl, you would still find a notice-board, `Thou shalt not steal.
The hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen if the eye is too near.