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OPALSOntario Prehospital Advanced Life Support (study)
OPALSOgren Plant Allergy Scale (Thomas Ogren)
OPALSOlder People with Active Lifestyles (trademark of Dr. David J. Demko)
OPALSOptimized Portfolio As Listed Securities
OPALSOwain Phyfe Appreciative Listener Society (fan club)
OPALSOfficer Projection Aggregate Level System
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A few days after the incident of the opal ring, we were paying one of our frequent visits to the Lichtenberg Palace.
It was a large oblong opal set round with small diamonds,--a ring of distinguished design you could hardly help noticing, especially on a man's hand, for which it was too conspicuously dainty.
She was a charming woman of twenty-five or twenty-six years, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a nose slightly turned up, admirable teeth, and a complexion marbled with rose and opal.
The dome of clouds was tinged at its base with, as it were, the foam of rubies, fading away into opal and pearly tints, in proportion as the gaze was carried from base to summit.
he said to her and me, one idle afternoon of opal skies, pied meadows and misty hills.
See how the dog-roses have strewed the ground, and spread their opal petals over it.
The sky was pure opal now, and the roofs of the houses glistened like silver against it.
OPALs state-of-the-art use of LEU technology will be applied on a global scale with ANM, driving down world demand for highly enriched uranium, and contributing to Australias non-proliferation goals.
Nevertheless, gemmologists should be careful with using the 'chicken wire' pattern to identify synthetic opal, since in this author's experience a similar structural appearance may be seen in some opals from Virgin Valley, Nevada.
OPALS was built by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is an attempt to use optical communication, in the form of laser, to meet the demands of data transmission.
Correction (published July 16): Outdoors: The trailhead to Jawbone Flats and Opal Creek Wilderness is about 40 miles east of Salem.
Security has been tight for the arrival in Nuneaton of the precious black opal, thought to be the biggest in the world.