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There were 3 cases of open neural tube defects and one anencephaly (Fig.
The non-visualization of intracranial translucency has been described as a pointer for the detection of open neural tube defects in first trimester scan.
The purpose of this study is to extend our investigation to other anomalies whose occurrence may also be influenced by environmental factors, mainly congenital cardiac disease, gastroschisis and open neural tube defects, and to evaluate if the seasonality of cleft lip and palate persists beyond the years previously studied.
All cases of gastroschisis, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate and open neural tube defects in children born in Puerto Rico during the study period and identified by the Puerto Rico Department of Health's Birth Defects Registry were included.
19) About 90 percent of open neural tube defects can be identified using DIA.
The risk of an open neural tube defect is less than the screening cut-off.
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