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Scilab Enterprises publishes Scilab, an open source alternative to MATLAB, the commercial software for analytical numerical solutions.
In fact, a completely viable and business-ready Open Source alternative is available for almost every conceivable piece of software today.
While Flash Player is available for most major platforms, an open source alternative is very important.
PUM provides users with the first, commercial-strength privileged account (super user) monitoring, management and auditing package for Unix and Linux-based systems that is available at no greater a cost than a supported version of an open source alternative.
The FreeLoader Directory: The Definitive Guide to the World of Open Source & Freeware Applications" is a guide to the world of freeware and how one can find a free or open source alternative to almost every application for one's computer--even some applications one will never find in the retail market.
IBM on Thursday said it has unleashed its free of charge Lotus Symphony, an open source alternative of Microsoft Office for viewing documents, spreadsheets, and presentation, which could give companies millions of dollars in savings.
In a similar vein, in March 2005, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors was forced to choose Microsoft's website support software because it could not find any open source alternative.
Alfresco Software, an open source alternative for enterprise content management, announced today (2 September) that Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) has implemented Alfresco's document sharing and collaboration capabilities as part of the file sharing features in Acrobat.
You can find more open source alternatives that map to specific commercial software options at Open Source Alternative.