OPHISOrganisation Professionnelle d'Harmonisation en Informatique de Santé
OPHISOffice for Public Health in Scotland (UK)
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In The New Patterns in the Sky(*) -- a superb multicultural book about constellation lore -- the late Julius Staal writes that this odd name derives from the Greek roots ophis (serpent) and cheiro-o (to handle).
Contract notice: Completion of SLS surveys (annual) and OPS (every 2 years) for tenants of OPHIS.
Contract notice: Maintenance of sewerage networks ophis heritage.
Contract notice: Framework Agreement On A Good Order Multiservices For Various Maintenance And Maintenance During Operations In Current Management And On-Call Ophis Heritage.
Contract notice: Accord cadre marche bon de commande pour la verification, essais et maintenance des equipements de securite contre les risques incendie patrimoine ophis / syndic ophis.
Contract notice: Pension and health markets for the employees ophis and its cooperative clerdome hlm.
Contract notice: Maintenance of elevators of ophis heritage.
Market paperless solutions for the billing process Ophis (Lad and Workflow)
What to orders for work injury insurance as part of work operations and for OPHIS Clerdme.
2007): "Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement", OPHI Working Paper 7, OPHI, Oxford, http://www.