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The Middle East has learned that after the Orao discovery, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw visited Belgrade and told Serbian leaders in blunt terms that if UK forces were killed by Serbian-supplied weapons either in the Middle East or Sierra Leone, as Orao had also been selling to Liberia), "you will pay a high price".
First, it instructed, the Iraqis were to remove all evidence of the Orao connection and disassemble the engines.
And as the Orao raid revealed, chaos in the Balkans, mostly ignored by the Bush administration, could actually threaten American troops during an invasion of Iraq--a task which has been the chief focus of American foreign policy for more than a year.
The Orao plant had been especially embarrassing for the United States since it lay in a part of Bosnia nominally under the supervision of American peacekeeping forces.
Soon after the Orao raid, more evidence of a Serb-Saddam connection surfaced.
Ren Orao, marketing executive of JPark Island Resort and Waterpark Cebu, said they were moving the venue from the outdoor Abalone garden to the resort's Triton Ballroom that could accommodate 600 people.
Sushila Orao, mother of the mentally challenged Polash said that he has been chained since a year.
The mentally challenged boy Polash Orao is 18 years old and resides in Mulahut village under South Dinajpur district and the family was forced to take this extreme step to prevent any mishap.
Polash Orao of Mulahut village was once a very good student of class 12 but suddenly started destroying household material and biting local's villagers without any cause.
He said that the resignation on April 2 of Mirko Sarovic as the representative of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity in BiH's tripartite Presidency was "the right response to the Orao arms-to-Iraq affair".
Although news of the scandal emerged some months ago, the pressure on Mr Sarovic was seemingly intensified by information on the Orao affair from Western intelligence agencies reportedly presented at a March 28 meeting in Brussels of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), the powers overseeing the Bosnian peace process.
The 87 Miss Universe candidates will arrive in two batches, according to Ren Orao, marketing executive of the Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark Cebu.