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OMOnder Meer (Dutch: among others)
OMOld Man (Amateur Radio)
OMOriental Medicine
OMOman (ISO country Code, top level domain)
OMOn the Move
OMOlympique de Marseille (French football team)
OMOrganic Matter
OMOffice Manager
OMOpenbaar Ministerie
OMOh Man
OMOrder Management
OMOlivia Munn (actress)
OMOld Mutual (London, UK financial services)
OMOffering Memorandum (investing)
OMOmeprazole (drug)
OMObject Model
OMOrgasmic Meditation
OMOrder of Merit
OMOperations and Maintenance
OMOperating Manual
OMOdyssey of the Mind
OMOfficemax (retail business)
OMOtitis Media
OMOrbit Micro
OMOccupational Medicine (also seen as OCCMED and OCC MED)
OMOscar Mayer
OMOrdained Minister
OMOperation Mobilisation (global Christian missionary organisation)
OMOptical Microscopy
OMOperating Margin (gross margin less operating expenses)
OMOliebranchens Miljøpulje (Denmark)
OMMongolian Airlines (IATA airline code)
OMOuter Marker
OMOpen Marriage (lifestyle)
OMOperational Manager
OMOrden Ministerial (Spanish)
OMObtuse Marginal
OMOperational Modeling
OMOperation Migration
OMOptical Model
OMOperating Methods
OMOrganizational Maintenance
OMOntology Matching
OMOperator Maintenance
OMOptical Monitor (astrophysics, astronomy)
OMOptical Module (Ciena)
OMOrganizational Membership
OMOrgano Metallic
OMOperations Module
OMOrganized Militia
OMOffice of Meteorology
OMOptics Module
OMOrbital Module
OMOpticalman (US Navy rating)
OMOptical Multiplexer (Sprint)
OMOPTera Metro (Cisco)
OMOperational Measurement
OMOverlay Manager
OMOperations Manager/Management
OMOptimization of Middleware
OMOpen Marketing
OMOptionsmäklarna (Swedish company; now OM Gruppen)
OMOut for Maintenance
OMOmni Mane (Latin: Every Morning)
OMOccipitalis Muscle
OMOld Marlburian (Old Marlburian Lodge)
OMOut of Band Modulator
OMOffice Macro Virus
OMOutsource Marketing, LLC
OMOff-Line Memory (DSC)
OMOld Malvernian (England, UK)
OMOperational Manning
OMOverlapping Multicarrier
OMObtuse Mule
OMOrbiting Mirror
OMOperator's/Operation Manual
OMOccultation Measurement
OMMinim Fathers (religious order)
OMOld McFarlane
OM(USN Rating) Opticalman
OMOstial Membrane
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Part of the 'Happiness, Health and Community' axis, the Order of Merit seeks to encourage Dubai's public and private schools to achieve academic and sporting excellence.
Speaking on the occasion, Memon said that it was an honour for her to receive prestigious French National Order of Merit and humbled by the generosity of French President, Monsieur Emmanuel Macron for recognizing and valuing her work.
The Saskatchewan Order of Merit recognizes excellence, achievement and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of the province.
Juvic Pagunsan, meanwhile, placed 72nd in the JGTO Order of Merit with a total earnings of Yen 11.
The Bangalore pro, however, had a tough fight for the order of merit top spot with Lipksy, whose victory at the European Tour Masters boosted his chances.
The Order of Merit may be awarded to Germans as well as foreigners for achievements in the political, economic, social or intellectual realm and for all kinds of outstanding services to the nation in the field of social, charitable or philanthropic work.
After honoring the Italian with the order of merit, GE-l said that Marsili, during his ambassadorship in Turkey, had sincerely attempted to develop Turkey's mutual relations with Italy, adding: "Presenting such a merit to him is also an honor for us.
It will run for the first time alongside the more established Ping Ladies Order of Merit, the Pinnacle Men's Order of Merit and Hugh James Boys Order of Merit.
Mold order of merit - sponsored by Footjoy Gross: 1st Amelia Easthope, Pennant Park 79, 2nd Danielle Jones, Padeswood and Buckley 80, 3rd Jemma Lewis, Padeswood and Buckley 83, 4th Nicola Wainwright, Rhuddlan 87, 5th Lucy Jones, Wrexham, 88 6th Olivia Reynolds, St.
The result sees both players now tied at the top of the under-21's order of merit with 35 points apiece.
The Rocar Moores Fixby Classic is scheduled for Sunday and Monday, September 16 and 17, which is the third year in succession that Huddersfield have hosted one of the big Order of Merit competitions.
On 3 November, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Justinius Primus Faculty of Law at the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, President Gjorge Ivanov decorated the Faculty of Law with the Order of Merit for Macedonia for excellence in the long years of education and research in the field of legal, political and journalism studies.