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OVOpenbaar Vervoer
OVOcean View
OVOhio Valley
OVOrden de Venta (Spanish: Sales Order)
OVOriginal Version
OVOfficial Version
OVEstonian Air (IATA airline code)
OVOpenView (Hewlett Packard)
OVOrientación Vocacional (Spanish: Vocational Orientation; various locations)
OVOutput Voltage
OVOrganic Vapor
OVOrbiter Vehicle
OVOffice Visit
OVOutpatient Visit (healthcare)
OVOsservatorio Vesuviano
OVOperational View
OVOy Vey
OVOptimum Voice
OVOfficial Veterinarian (UK)
OVOffice Vision
OVOfficial Visitor
OVOutside Vendor
OVOverstays (immigration)
OVOrbiting Vehicle
OVOperational Value
OVOutlet Velocity
OVOcean Venture
OVOrbital Verification (Hubble Telescope)
OVObservation Vehicle
OVOrchestra Victoria (South Melbourne, Australia)
OVOverseas National Airways
OVOrganizational Value
OVObservatory Verification
OVOnbepaald Verband (Dutch)
OVO'Nyong-nyong fever virus
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Therefore, the present paper aims to study the effect of employee branding on market share based on individual and organizational values.
Keywords Global organizations * Values * Organizational values * National culture * Paradoxes
Table 1 Definitions of the OVs and WVs Used in the Testing of Hypotheses 2 and 3 Organizational Value Work Value (WV) Fit Model (OV) Mastery (OVM): Power (WVP): seeking Fit-Mastery (FM) emphasizes the authority, achievement of professional success, success by the and influential power organization and at work.
Second, each organizational value was matched up with a competency that is in line with the meaning of that value.
Thus, it may be said that organizational values are shared among the individual members of the organization.
Ultimately, whether or not managerial actions will create long-term organizational value depends on numerous assumptions and judgments that do not lend themselves easily to casual consideration, and the complexities created when inconsistent goals and incentives exist within an organization can often lead to sub-optimal decision making.
174) are lower than those for the partial sample assorted by emphasis on organizational value (-0.
Organizational values are a key component of its character and signal to followers the organization's bottom-line.
In addition, we consider two sources of organizational value dissimilarity: (1) dyadic dissimilarity from the CEO and (2) dissimilarity from other top management team members.
Their fundamental focus typically is on margin, profitability, and organizational value.
The two major findings are: 1) the process of conceptual development (part of theory building research) consists of five universal components; and 2) HRD transforms human capital by changing the relationships between organizational value creation drivers.
A November 2001 survey by FEI and PricewaterhouseCoopers of participants in a Web teleconference found that more than 68 percent of respondents said their internal audit departments failed to inform senior management and the board about how internal audit can add organizational value.
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