ORGELOrganic-Cooled Heavy Water-Moderated Reactor (Euratom)
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While sheltering disingenuously behind a "perspective," Orgel justifies the thwarted rape of Miranda on the dubious and hypocritical grounds that an ancient European colonial power once did the same thing.
All three studies focus not merely on what Orgel might call the artifactual qualities of the early modern books in question but also on the interactions between their intellectual, ideological qualities and the eventfulness of production and consumption.
Based on the hypothesis that Shakespeare's long plays were regularly cut down to fit into a roughly two-hour playing time, Andrew Gurr, Stephen Orgel, and primarily Lukas Erne have been pushing the image of Shakespeare writing not so much for the stage but rather for readers willing to go through texts far longer than those played.
In his more recent 2008 paper titled "The Implausibility of Metabolic Cycles on the Prebiotic Earth," Orgel is even more adamant:
Most people regard collagen as a structural molecule, but it seems to function as an information molecule as well," Orgel says.
Having firmly established that the collaborative nature of dramatic performance reduces the authority of individual dramatists over what gets spoken, Orgel had only the force of sheer assertion for his claim that publication reduced the authority of writers over their works.
But the parties couldn't agree on how much money would be left over for other creditors, or on a budget that enabled Monaco Coach to take the necessary steps to sell the properties, said Rob Orgel, one of Monaco's bankruptcy attorneys.
For practical use, should you want to sing from it - and Stephen Orgel in his introduction says that 'it presents itself primarily as a practicum' (p.
Arkansas Chops LLC, the holding company for the franchise restaurant, is made up of partners Barry Pelts, Andy Woodman, David Cohn and Billy Orgel.
Malibu (9-6, 5-3) led 8-6 and held a 66-45 advantage on games, but Sasha Arya/Cynthia Orgel and Tiffany Chang/Hannah Sacher pulled Oak Park even on sets with final-round victories, setting the stage for Ford and Rozov's heroics.
As a huge portion of its "libretto" was devised to explain numerous clusters of images, the Stuart masque took the Renaissance drive towards explication to extremes (see Orgel 1975: 24-26).
24) As Stephen Orgel argues it was understood more in terms of authenticity, which was bestowed upon Shakespeare.