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OFPOffice Football Pool
OFPOperation Flashpoint (computer game)
OFPOrder for Protection
OFPOregon Flora Project
OFPOffice of Field Programs (US EEOC)
OFPOffice of Family Planning
OFPOffice of Farmland Preservation (Washington)
OFPOcean Front Property
OFPOverall Future Potential (sports)
OFPOpen Frame Panel (computer products)
OFPOptimal Fetal Positioning (birthing theory)
OFPHanover County Municipal Airport (airport code, Ashland, VA)
OFPOpen Fire Place (Australia real estate)
OFPOrder Flow Provider (various locations)
OFPOrganizacion Feminina Popular (Spanish: Popular Women's Organization; Columbia)
OFPOrder Fulfillment Process (various companies)
OFPOccluded Frontal Passage
OFPOperating Force Plan (US Navy)
OFPOperational Flight Profile
OFPOver Fill Protection
OFPOffice of Family Policy (US DoD)
OFPOver Flow Pipe
OFPOrder Fire Pickup (restaurant kitchen)
OFPOverwhelming Firepower
OFPOrganizational Focal Point
OFPOperational Flight Plan/Program
OFPOriginal Flight Plan
OFPOrder of Friars Preachers (Dominican religious order)
OFPOutward Flow in Perforators
OFPOwn Flipping Program (polite form)
OFPOperations Funded Project
OFPOpportunities for Posterity (Bangladesh)
OFPOmega Film Productions
OFPOpen Firm Protocol
OFPOut for Paper
OFPOrbital Flight Program
OFPOrozco-Foster-Piolet (band)
OFPOffice of the First Presidency (LDS Church)
OFPOrdovicium Freedoom Pröjekt (Hungarian band)
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This will free you up to fly into your work for the day without getting side tracked and re-routed in a direction that wasn't part of the day's original flight plan.
Clearly, ATC would prefer you fly a valid route clearance they have given you rather than going direct based on a combination of a poor clearance and original flight plan.
Additionally, the executive jet was flying 1,000 feet off its original flight plan, according to Col.
so there had been no requirement to make any changes to the original flight plan.
It was serious enough that we diverted aircraft from their original flight plan," Kucharek told Reuters news agency.
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