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ORISOffice of Regulatory Information Systems
ORISOffice of Research and Information Services (Canada)
ORISOperational Range Inventory Sustainment
ORISOperating Room Information System
ORISOrd River Irrigation Scheme (Australia)
ORISOffice of Research Information Systems (various universities)
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At domus AEneae cunctis dominabitur oris, Et nati natorum, et qui nascentur ab illis.
As the official watch partner of the BMW Williams F1 Team in 2005, Oris launched the exclusive Mark Webber Limited Edition Chronograph to commemorate the Australian driver's debut
Team owner Sir Frank Williams said, 'I am delighted that Oris consider their original investment to have worked so well, and their increased commitment to the programme is a validation of the value Formula One offers.
The labial arteries and the facial nerve branches along the periphery of the orbicularis oris are skeletonized and preserved, which allows for the maintenance of their function.
CGS ORIS Color Tuner // Web software includes a new driver supporting VersaUV's entire color gamut.
ORIS will produce trailer-hitch systems, wind-turbulence deflectors for convertibles and a variety of off-road-vehicle accessories at the new location.
the mandibular lamina (the depressor labii inferioris, the mentalis, the risorius, the depressor anguli oris, the inferior part of the orbicularis oris, and perhaps the buccinator and the levator anguli otis)
ORIS Certified Press is designed to evaluate press parameters - tone value increase, ink uniformity, grey balance and primary color densities - and offer comprehensive intelligence on its findings in an easy-to-understand report.
Under the Color Proofing listing, the Graph Expo expert panel recognized CGS for its technology in hard copy and soft copy proofing including ORIS Certified Suite, ORIS Hybrid Proofing and ORIS Press Matcher.
At this year's event we will make several announcements including the launch of ORIS Certified Suite, as well as some impressive success stories.
ORIS Ink Saver automatically optimizes the data so the use of too much color can be avoided, resulting in a clean untarnished look.
MINNEAPOLIS -- CGS Publishing Technologies International with its ORIS brand, the global leader of color management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially-formulated media, announced today it will showcase its color proofing and workflow technology for the packaging industry at the InfoFlex Exhibition, Montreal, May 7-8, 2007.