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OSTEObjective Structured Teaching Exercise (medical education)
OSTEOne-Step Temper Embrittlement
OSTEOptical Solitons: Theory and Experiments (workshop)
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Se repite oste (recibaloste) y un lo redundante, "te lo venimos a dar los dias", en singular por plural, para significar la torpeza gramatical del indio, y en placenteros podria darse el mismo caso, ahora plural por singular, si el adjetivo se refiere al subdelegado homenajeado en su cumpleanos, no si califica a los dias (recibalos oste).
Kalca kirik riskindeki azalma 3 yil boyunca alendronat alan ve daha onceden vertebra kirigi bulunan kadinlarda %51, 4 yil boyun ca alendronat alan ve vertebra kirigi bulunmaksizin sadece oste oporozu olanlarda (femur boynunda T-skoru <_ -2,5 SD olarak ta nimlanmis) ise %56 seklindedir.
They get a profile of you and then enter it into a computer so schools can get a look at you," says Oste.
The currently employed at the Oste barrage as statutory closure system (needle valve with Bearing in sole niche and the backrest support) has deficiencies in its sealing function.
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the region "bE[micro]rde oste wE[micro]rpe" includes samtgemeinden selsingen, sittensen, tarmstedt and zeven (excluding the municipality gyhum), in which an area of 757 km2 in total approximately 51 317 people live.
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beaucoup moins que] L'ARPT a procede a la mise en ligne d'un formulaire electronique telechargeable dans le but d'ameliorer et de faciliter le processus de prise en charge des reclamations des utilisateurs des services de la ostes ou des telecommunications [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute la meme source.