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Aligarh (uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept 26 ( ANI ): The out-going Vice-President of the Aligarh Muslim University was shot at and attacked with a knife late on Monday night.
The countries out-going interim President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, who lead the transnational-federal government, conceded defeat to the new president-elect via a live national television broadcast.
5 Fahmy met with out-going Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maleki and Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani.
The secular bloc, al-Iraqiya, led by ex-PM Iyad Allawi (a secular Shi'ite strongly backed by Iraq's Sunni Arab minority), last week said all the oil and natural-gas development contracts awarded by the out-going government of Nuri al-Maleki (a Shi'ite Islamist backed by Iran) were illegal and may be cancelled.
WORKING on Live From Studio Five was "a nightmare", out-going presenter Ian Wright has claimed.
Plans to upload all patients' personal medical records onto a centrally-stored network have been met with delays and controversy since they were announced by the out-going Labour Government.
On the other hand, the Minister met with the Japanese out-going ambassador Masakazu Toshikage in the occasion of ending his mission as an ambassador to Yemen.
Shrewd "The out-going directors were very shrewd businessmen indeed and dare I say that they made it quite difficult for the Chinese with the deal.
Leslie Roberts appeared at Birmingham's magistrates court after bringing a summons against the out-going Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee.
Today Tanisha's mum Kim Hill and dad Richie Goffey paid tribute to their out-going daughter who they said brought smiles to their faces every single day.
The pay-off itself will see around pounds 420,000 added to out-going executive Phil Halsall's pension pot, and he will also be given an pounds 80,000 lump sum.
Aberdeen, who are trying to replace out-going hitman Steve Lovell, headed the list of Scottish clubs keen to land the striker after he was freed by Nottingham Forest.