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OZAustralia (slang)
OZOzzy Osbourne (rock singer)
OZAsiana Airlines (IATA airline code)
OZOutlawz (Quake3 Clan)
OZOpen Zelda (gaming software)
OZOuter Zone
OZOrganization of Zodiac (gaming military slang)
OZOperation Z.E.R.O. (Kids Next Door movie)
OZOperation Zero (overweight program for adolescents)
OZOptical Zone (contact lens fitting term)
OZOperational Zone
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However, the crystals also display internal zonation under TL and FL: the low-optical-relief inner zones in the crystals are fluorescent, have an elongated triangular shape and sometimes display a "patchy" appearance, and the outer zone of the crystals has an elongated shape and high optical relief and is non-fluorescent (Figs.
A number of distinctive microstructural and textural features are displayed by garnet porphyroblasts, with an inner zone (sector-zoning) containing quartz, ilmenite and graphite inclusions and an outer zone (sigmoidal-zoning) overgrowing an early schistosity developing a sigmoidal pattern with inclusions of quartz, ilmenite and graphite (FIGURES 6, 11).
However, the change of viscosity has significant effect on temperature of outer zone in friction pairs and lubricant film.
Transit Users Density: The results showed that the inner zone was the most populated region where 66% of total transit users resided where as 28% and 6% transit user resided in the middle and outer zones respectively.
5 and 6, the outer zone of the MICM sample exhibit more obviously deformed cells and a little more uniform cellular shape and size distribution at all three positions compared with that of the MIM sample.
Disturbances that disrupt Earth's magnetic field can cause the outer zone to gain or lose particles.
The image of a vehicle approaching from behind would only be reduced in the progressive zone in the center," Lee said, "while the image sizes in the inner and outer zones are not changed.
There will be two permit zones: an inner zone close to the hospital of 24-hours, seven-days-a-week and an outer zone between 8am and 7pm from Monday to Friday.
ON Sunday, September 2,at 4pm I drove into Birmingham city centre, parking my car on a single yellow line in the outer zone.
The core structure will have a circular cross-section of around 30m in diameter, whereas the outer structure will occupy the outer zone.
A LONG-RUNNING city council inquiry into parking, which was due to propose extending charging times for on-street parking in the outer zone (which covers Hope Street) from 6pm to 8pm, has been blocked.
of operation in the outer zone of the cloud," the company said.