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OVTROhio Valley Trail Riders
OVTROperational Video Tape Recorder
OVTROxygen Vapor Transmission Rate
OVTROverture (stock symbol)
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The simplest overtravel stop I've found (and my favorite) is the Ghost Rocket from Ghost Inc.
HIT The two-stage Geissele trigger broke clean, with almost no overtravel.
L x W x H), the V5 has 2 mm of plunger overtravel, current ratings from 5 V to 14 V and an extended operating temperature range of -40[degrees] to 194[degrees]F.
The design allows complete actuation of the valve with no overtravel or side load to the valve, assuring superior performance and long life.
Integral mechanical overtravel stops provide product ruggedness for years of reliable service.
A redesigned trigger system is crisper and has less overtravel, resulting in a perceived lighter trigger pull.
High quality key switches with conductive elastomer domes designed to provide unambiguous tactile feedback and cushion overtravel.
Accommodating the greater applied loads at overtravel while maintaining accuracy and repeatability was the challenge before us," said Christian Kuwasaki, development manager for the HF.
Kimber recommends any such adjustment to overtravel or sear engagement should be made only by a gunsmith or by Kimber itself.
Last in terms of technical arcana, the trigger is a precision-machined medium-length aluminum affair with an overtravel adjustment screw.
It reduces overtravel and the trigger pull weight on the P320 by about two pounds.
Overtravel makes it hard to shoot really tiny groups, so we asked O'Day what he did to the trigger: "You've got to have a good trigger for benchrest or long-range shooting.