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OVOpenbaar Vervoer
OVOriginal Version
OVEstonian Air (IATA airline code)
OVOpenView (Hewlett Packard)
OVOutput Voltage
OVOrganic Vapor
OVOrbiter Vehicle
OVOffice Visit
OVOsservatorio Vesuviano
OVOperational View
OVOy Vey
OVOptimum Voice
OVOfficial Veterinarian (UK)
OVOffice Vision
OVOfficial Visitor
OVOutside Vendor
OVOverstays (immigration)
OVOrbiting Vehicle
OVOperational Value
OVOutlet Velocity
OVOcean Venture
OVOrbital Verification (Hubble Telescope)
OVObservation Vehicle
OVOrchestra Victoria (South Melbourne, Australia)
OVOverseas National Airways
OVOrganizational Value
OVObservatory Verification
OVOnbepaald Verband (Dutch)
OVO'Nyong-nyong fever virus
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GDT technology is able to maintain the device's robust isolation and current-handling overvoltage protection capabilities.
C[pounds sterling]With a surge suppressor, you can be sure of one thing: the price of the equipment is still incomparably low considering the damage overvoltage may cause,C[yen] said Christian Bertrand, Regional Director, Business Development & Support, APC Co ME & Turkey.
The Gigabyte EP45-Extreme motherboards also include Hardware Overvoltage Control ICs that provide more voltage control options than before for the CPU North Bridge and memory.
Considering different neutral earthing systems, it can be observed that the maximum overvoltage is lower in partially compensated network (maximum overvoltage factor 2.
The electron accelerating voltage must be high enough to excite all the relevant X-ray lines, preferably with an overvoltage ratio of at least 2.
Probable cause: overvoltage or reduced force in the return spring.
The built-in protection functions ensure safe charging by providing input/output overvoltage protection, thermal protection, charge timer protection, and thermistor-based battery temperature monitoring.
APC SurgeArrest[R] products protect sensitive electronic devices from damage and failure caused by overvoltage.
The AP9060 overvoltage clamp is a cost-effective alternative to larger and more complex combined overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices.
Tenders are invited for Overvoltage Protection Ovp Unit For Various Make 25 Kw Rru/Erru S Of Sga Coaches With Conformatin Rdso Specification No.
The 5414 is said to be a 16-point digital input module with a choice of four input signal levels and overvoltage protection of up to 150%.
80 Port Debug LED, Overclock, Overvoltage and Over Temperature Alert LEDs Catering to the overclockers' infinite need for system information, the EP45-Extreme boards incorporate an 80 Port Debug LED, overclocking alert LEDs, overvoltage alert LEDs and also temperature alert LEDs.