P-POPPlain-Paper Optimized Printing (also seen as PPOP)
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One of the biggest printing technology breakthroughs for 1997 is Canon's Plain Paper Optimized Printing, or P-POP.
Because P-POP allows users to print with Photo Inks on plain paper, cost-per-page savings is dramatic -- more than a 10-cent savings for each page vs.
The foundation of the P-POP system is a unique dual-head configuration containing black ink and Ink Optimizer in one dual-head design and color ink in a separate printhead.
P-POP is testament to Canon's precision Bubble Jet ejection system, a technology Canon created in the 1970s.
P-POP achieves the highest quality black, color and photo printing on plain paper.
In addition, P-POP provides a significant cost advantage to customers by not requiring specialty paper for high-quality color printing.