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Quercetin potentiates the effect of adriamycin in a multidrug-resistant MCF-7 human breast-cancer cell line: P-glycoprotein as a possible target.
Immunohistochemical identification of P-glycoprotein in previously untreated diffuse large cell and immunoblastic lymphomas.
Secretion of sparfloxacin from the human intestinal Caco-2 cell line is altered by P-glycoprotein inhibitors.
21, that an atypical codon may affect the pace at which cells assemble P-glycoprotein.
The azoles can interact through multiple mechanisms, including CYP450 metabolism, gastric pH-dependent effects, and P-glycoprotein activity.
Structure-activity relationships for xenobiotic transport substrates and inhibitory ligands of P-glycoprotein.
The Immunomedics invention involves the use of at least two antibodies fused together to result in a bispecific molecule to target both the cancer cells (or infectious organisms) and a multi-drug transporter protein such as P-glycoprotein.
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of phenylbutenoid dimers as inhibitors of P-glycoprotein.
1]] The recommended dose of Lixiana is 60 mg once-daily, with a dose reduction to 30 mg once-daily in patients with moderate or severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance[CrCL] 15-50 mL/min), body weight[less than or equal to] 60 kg, or concomitant use of certain P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitors (ciclosporin, dronedarone, erythromycin, ketoconazole, quinidine or verapamil).
About Orascovery The Orascovery program is based on important platform technology initially developed by Hanmi Pharmaceutical, including compound HM30181A, which is a highly potent and selective P-glycoprotein (PGP) pump inhibitor.
Oraxol and Oratecan are two of many compounds that could be developed by Kinex and its partners through the Orascovery program, which is based on a major platform technology developed by Hanmi Pharmaceuticals using compound HM30181A, a potent and selective P-glycoprotein (PGP) pump inhibitor.
P-glycoprotein belongs to the ATP-binding cassette superfamily of transporters and is a product of the multidrug-resistant gene (61).