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PnPPlug and Play
PNPPhilippine National Police
PNPPeople's National Party (Jamaica)
PNPPeople's National Party
PNPProvincial Nominee Program (Canadian Immigration)
PNPPediatric Nurse Practitioner
PNPPartido Nuevo Progresista (New Progressive Party, political party, Puerto Rico)
PNPPurine Nucleoside Phosphorylase (enzyme)
PNPPolicía Nacional del Perú
PnPPaper and Pencil
PNPPolicy and Procedure
PNPPlug N Pray
PNPParty and Play
PNPPrivate Nonprofit
PNPProgressive National Party
PNPPositive-Negative-Positive (transistor)
PNPPress N Peel
PNPPrivate Numbering Plan
PNPPerdona Nuestros Pecados (Spanish: Forgive Our Sins; Argentinian TV show)
PNPPakistan National Party
PNPPast National President
PNPPeace and Protection (mIRC script)
PNPPerspective-N-Point (computer vision)
PNPPorts and Protocols
PNPProbability of No Penetration
PNPProliferative Necrotizing Pneumonia
PNPPretty 'n Pink
PNPP-type, N-type, P-type (transistor)
PNPPsychogenic Nocturnal Polydipsia
PnPPolitics and Prose (Washington DC book store)
PNPPulse Narrowband Processor
PNPPackaging & Preservation
PNPPre-Negotiation Plan
PNPPassed, but Not Promoted
PNPPneumocystis Carinii Pneumonitis
PNPPull Notice Program (State of California, Department of California Highway Patrol)
PNPPen(cil) and Paper (role playing games)
PNPProved Not Producing (oil/gas industry)
PNPPiastrinic Neutralization Procedure
PNPPublic and Nonprofit (various organizations)
PNPPassauer Neue Presse (German newspaper)
PNPPilanesberg National Park (South Africa)
PNPProfessional Nursing Practice (various locations)
PNPPukaskwa National Park (Canada)
PNPPartido Nacionalista Peruano (Spanish: Peruvian Nationalist Party; Peru)
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This was collected by centrifugation (12,000xg, 30 min) and the amount of released p-nitrophenol in supernatant estimated according to the analytical method described above.
3], dimethylformamide (DMF), p-nitrophenol and poly(vinylpyrrolidone) ([PVP.
p-nitrophenol was crystallized from methanol and the colorless needles (m.
The rate of formation of p-nitrophenol was determined at 405 nm at 25 [degrees]C over 225 s after a 100 s lag time.
1998) reported that OP exposure, measured as urinary p-nitrophenol levels, significantly increased serum LH and FSH levels, whereas those of testosterone were decreased.
Table I-5-1 Relationship between nitrochlorobenzene, p-nitrophenol, PAP and paracetamol
The subtypes of CYP enzymes tested for were: ethoxyresorufin O-de-ethylase, CYPIA1; methoxyresorufin O-demethylase, CYPIA2; pentoxyresorufin O-dealkylase, CYP2B; (S)-warfarin 7-hydroxyIase, CYP2C; p-nitrophenol hydroxylase, CYP2E1; and testosterone 6[beta]-hydroxylase, CYP3A.
Urinary p-nitrophenol as a biomarker of household exposure to methyl parathion.
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