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P25Project 25 (encryption standard)
P25Pregnancy at 25 Days (reproductive science)
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The complete turnkey solution includes an ATLAS 3-site, 10 channel P25 Phase 2 trunked simulcast system, 5 channel P25 Phase 2 in-building system, 4 channel P25 Phase 2 interoperability system, microwave backhaul system, and eight dispatch consoles with integrated voice and data capabilities.
John Suzuki, president and chief executive officer of EFJohnson, says, "We're dedicated to delivering complete turnkey, innovative P25 solutions, and today we're delighted to announce our long-term strategic partnership with DFW Airport to provide them a reliable, next-generation public safety communications solution.
The Contractor will provide a turnkey solution involving a 5-year, phased-approach, comprehensive technology upgrade and Migration of Metro%s 800 MHz Trunked Simulcast Radio System infrastructure and subscriber units to conformance with applicable APCO Project 25 protocol and requirements, including P25 mobile data, asset management systems, and extended maintenance agreements.
It will allow personnel from the city's police and fire departments to communicate with each other, as well as with responders on other P25 networks in nearby municipalities.
Law enforcement agencies considering adopting the P25 may benefit from reduced technology and labor costs.
Communications equipment supplier RELM Wireless Corporation (NYSE AMEX:RWC) said today that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved its latest P25 digital mobile radio for use in the United States.
Formerly called APCO-25, P25 is now a joint effort between the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials--International, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors (NASTD), and various agencies of the federal government.
While less critical to interoperability in the field, Orr says the six remaining P25 standards, which govern dispatch consoles and other major network equipment, will be the most difficult to finalize because of the proprietary nature of the functionality they address.
The new P25 course will consist of 17 videos on the Radio Academy website covering a wide range of technical topics, including network architecture, channel operation and configuration, and call types and features.
The hybrid system by Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) consists of OpenSky2 and P25 communication technologies and enables seamless and reliable communications across 26 sites in Washington, D.
With the new Viking 400 portable and mobile series, smaller communities and rural agencies can now have the same specialized P25 radios, without all the high-end public safety features that larger city and metropolitan departments require," says Karthik Rangarajan, senior vice-president of strategy and products.
Standards-based COR(P25) system interoperates with other mission-critical P25 networks