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Premium Messages are further segmented into A2P (Application to Person) & P2A (person to Application), on the basis of Origin (or Termination).
Parry Sound, ON P2A 2G2 Canada 705 746-1162 Website: www.
DALLAS, January 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The 'GLOBAL PREMIUM A2P (MT) and P2A (MO) SMS/MMS messaging market size and forecast, 2010 - 2015' ( http://www.
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This partnership is part of IDS Scheer's ARIS P2A initiative that expands its product portfolio to integrate with other vendor's Enterprise Architecture offerings.
Box 430 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada P2A 2X4 705 746-5884; 800-461-4351 (Canada and U.
Speed Browsing, Acision's mobile internet solution ensures that internet content is delivered quickly to the user's handset while Acision's Easy MMS solution will enable Vodafone Fiji to support P2P, A2P and P2A multimedia messages for its customers.
acquired a series of oral beta-lactamase enzymes (P1A, P2A and P3A) and related assets targeting the prevention of C.
Box 430 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, P2A 2X4 705 746-588; 800-461-4351 (Canada and U.
ARIS P2A stands for the capability to convert business processes directly to software with no loss of information.