P2GPower-to-Gas (energy)
P2GProloquo2go (software)
P2GPhenotype to Genotype
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It is of the utmost importance to NZTA that Wellingtons critical transport lifelines are as resilient as possible to major events, so we applied a very critical eye to P2G.
With the P2G concept, a solution meeting these needs recently become available.
Commenting on the development, Mohammad Yahya Khan - CFIO and CDO Telenor Microfinance Bank, said, "It is heartening to be part of the collaboration between one of the largest commercial banks in G2P and P2G space and the largest branchless banking organisation that is set to transform the country's financial outlook through providing digital convenience for payments and thus inclusion of marginalised segments into Pakistan's mainstream banking and financial system.
As the name suggests, P2G payments include mandatory payments (taxes, bill payments and fines), payments for government services (passport and visa fees), and co-payments for social benefits (pensions).
David Bow, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: "The SoCalGas P2G project will provide important validation of the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen energy storage at grid scale.
Today, instead of P2G, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is gaining more and more popularity.
o]) of the neat PET and its nanocomposite filaments dyed with Setapers Red P2G and Setapers Blue TFBL-NEW disperse dyes at 100 and 122[degrees]C are given in Tables 3-6.
The larger columns also contained insulated TDR probes (Trime-FM with P2G probes, 6 mm diameter and 16 cm long) at the same depths to monitor the salinity of the soil solution and to measure the soil-water content using calibrations previously developed for the Rivington soil over the range of salinities and water contents encountered in these investigations.
Innovia Films has launched its first range of "breathable" biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film--PropaFresh[TM] P2G & P2GAE
Mudassir Khan speaking at the occasion highlighted the need for automation and digitization in all Federal and Provincial Government Collection/ Payment services and said that "NBP is in process of developing systems for digitization of all G2P and P2G Payments.
This initiative will facilitate NBP to have a more focused approach towards digitization for providing better quality and efficient services for G2P and amp; P2G Payments; customer ease and convenience; and to reduce operational cost translating into increase profitability and value creation for stakeholders.