P2OPlastic 2 Oil (waste conversion)
P2OPyranose 2-Oxidase
P2OPerson to Organization
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The company claims that the P2O process can convert about 87% of the hydrocarbon content of plastics into fuel, so that on average, one kilogram of mixed plastic produces one liter of fuel, and it is already operating a pilot plant in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.
Los valores iniciales y finales resultantes para el periodo 2001 a 2009, para el P2O son menores a : Cr: 1 y 1 [micron]g/l y el LL es de 50 [micron]g/l, para el Cd: 0,5 a 0,21 [micron]g/l y el LL es 5 [micron]g/l, Hg: 1 y 0,6 [micron]g/l y el LL 1 [micron]g/l, Pb: 3 y 4 [micron]g/l y el LL 50 [micron]g/l, Ni : 3 a 3 [micron]g/l y el LL 50 [micron]g/l.
NPK were added at the rate of 50 kg N/hectare as ammonium nitrate 46% N, 60 kg P2O 5/hactar as superphosphate 15.