P4hbProlyl 4-hydroxylase, beta (polypeptide)
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The most abundant and physiologically relevant member is PDIA1, the product of the P4HB gene, with a molecular weight of 57,000 Da and five subunits: four thioredoxin-like domains (a-b-b'-a'), one C-terminal extension domain, besides one x-linker sequence between b' and a' [15, 16].
5) PHA can be made from several monomers based on P3HB, P4HB, and PHB, and PHV.
In addition, apigenin treatment has an influence on the genes involved in metabolism (SLC27A3, P4HB and GLDC), DNA-dependent regulation of transcription (OVOL1 and OTP), cell signal transduction (ECT2, MAPK1IP1L, BMPR1A and AMFR), cell motility (AMFR), inflammatory response (CCR2) and other biological processes (HIP1R, ZDHHC2, NUP35 and SLC10A2).