P86Project Eighty Six (band)
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Ejemplos similares fueron observados en las parcelas de bosques de arena blanca, donde Haploclathra cordata, Caraipa tereticaulis y Emmotum foribundum de la parcela P86 (Peacock et al.
An inspector (or police lieutenant) will be getting P43,685 monthly; a senior inspector (police captain), P49,801; a chief inspector (police major), P54,799; a superintendent (police lieutenant colonel), P61,375; a senior superintendent (police colonel), P68,740; a chief superintendent (police general) P76,989; a police director (two-star general), P86,228, and a police deputy director general (three-star general) P108,164.
The city has so far allocated P86 million allocated for the victims of the calamity.
Real estate and mass housing projects reached P86 billion, while projects in the transportation and logistics sector were valued at P15.
Investments approved in April 2017 alone totaled P86 billion, up 55.
84 billion during the 10-month period after it only collected P86.
Eduardo del Rosario, Task Force Bangon Marawi chair, said the government has received six proposed master plans for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Marawi, with costs ranging from P38 billion to P86 billion.
Lacson, who pushed for the removal of P86 billion from the budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways for projects which he said could not yet be implemented because of pending road right-of-way issues, noted that the agency ended up with even more funds and he has no idea how it happened.
61 for workers in plantation with more than 24 hectares; and the third level is for an increase of P86.
In January to May this year, the national government's budget was still on a surplus of P86.
While the Treasury's 11-month revenue declined 9 percent year-on-year to P86.