PAACPublic Accounts and Audit Committee (various locations)
PAACPort Authority of Allegheny County (transit authority for the City of Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding area)
PAACPalomar Airport Advisory Committee (California)
PAACPublic Art Advisory Committee
PAACPublic Affairs Association of Canada
PAACPolyacrylic Acid
PAACPrecast Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
PAACPresident's Athletic Advisory Committee (various locations)
PAACPiedmont Asian-American Club
PAACPortsmouth Area Arts Council (Portsmouth, OH)
PAACPromotional Apparel Advisory Council
PAACParkland Area Aquatics Club (Allentown, PA)
PAACPublic Authority for the Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from the Iraqi Aggression (Kuwait)
PAACPerforming Arts & Activities Council
PAACPrevention as a Cure (Madison, WI)
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8, 1941, all units of the Usaffe, including the PAAC, were ordered to proceed to Bataan in accordance with War Plan Orange.
In due course, the Aberystwyth PAAC succeeded in penetrating farmer suspicion and achieving academic acceptance (and pay).
Despite the major limitations involved in implementation of the participatory component of the Economic Opportunity Act, PAAC community workers claimed that their participation in the state-funded CAPs increased their sense of personal and political power.
The PAAC excavations are now open to visitors and recent discoveries have thrust the project into the public limelight.
7 Pacific and Asian Affairs Council board members Frank Boas, Kenji Sumida, Jean Rolles and Vivien Stackpole at the April 2 50th Anniversary PAAC Banquet.
In the meantime, the PAAC told the UNCC that the Kuwaiti government paid last June, USD 520,248,230, the total extra payment comprised in the UNCC resolutions, he said.
Task orders issued under the PAAC III Bridge contract provide critical support to a wide range of NASA's missions and projects including the James Webb Space Telescope; Magnetosphere Multi-scale Mission; Joint Polar Satellite System; Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites; Tracking and Data Relay Satellite; Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite II/Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System; Exobiology on Mars/Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer; Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer Visible and Infrared Spectrometer; Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR; and Deep Space Climate Observatory.
The PAAC in the suit accuses a number of officials, involved in the case of an agricultural plot for an authority working in agricultural contracts, under umbrella of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, of counterfeiting, public funds' misappropriation and power misuse, according to relevant laws and regulations.
Though PAAC looks for established community leaders because of their status and contacts, it also wants people who have time to help guide the organization.
PAAC is an independent governmental body, subordinate only to the Cabinet.
Meanwhile, PAAC Chairman Khaled Ahmad Al-Mudaf said that the Kuwaiti delegation participating in the five-way meeting on the environmental compensations that is currently held in Jordan presented a working paper on how to help Iraq to manage the environmental rehabilitation project.