PAAETPublic Authority for Applied Education and Training
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This is asserted by the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education in PAAET who maintains that offering similar programs would help in meeting the labor market needs and would benefit many unprivileged groups who are deprived from access to learning (PAAET 2009).
PAAET (1993) Lifelong Learning in Kuwait: Past, Present, Future.
PAAET is collaborating with SunGard Higher Education and a local implementation partner in Kuwait to create a digital campus environment which includes SunGard's Banner Student, Banner Financial Aid and Luminis Platform software solutions.
Specifically, a community portal and collaboration platform will be deployed to help PAAET students communicate with faculty members and gain access to learning resources at anytime from any place.
Ahmad Alansari, dean of admission and registrationn, PAAET, said, "Vocation and technical education are critical to our mission to develop high-quality human resources for Kuwait's public and private sectors.
Engaged in international education for 23 years, the AIDC has served as a consultant to the PAAET since 1990.
As a result, AIDC recommended WIDS to PAAET top management.
The PAAET officials who attended the workshop were previously trained to gather DACUM data in Canada and the United States, according to Amerie.
The PAAET officials will work with teachers from Kuwait's career and technical education system to create courses and programs specific to the needs of individual industries, including the country's largest--petroleum: The new curricula, written in Arabic, will be implemented system wide, offering consistency and quality, according to Amerie.
The design will help PAAET be recognised in the international community as a leader in educating students to fulfill the future workforce needs in Kuwait and the global marketplace.
SSH is very proud to be appointed by PAAET on an educational project which contributes to the social development of Kuwait," George Abi-Hanna, SSH Kuwait resident director added.