PABSPolice Advisory Board for Scotland (UK)
PABSPeninsula Anglican Boys School (Sydney, Australia)
PABSPan African Burn Society (est. 2004; South Africa)
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Then, PABS (200 mg) was added to the GO suspension.
Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (FTIR) spectra of GO, PABS-g-GNS, and pure PABS were shown in Fig.
The successful covalent grafting of PABS onto the surface of GNS was further confirmed by EDX analysis.
The reasons for this could be due to the coating of PABS onto the surface of GNS after covalent functionalization and the transformation of GO into GNS after chemical reduction.
For comparison, the decomposition curve of pure PABS is shown in the figure, which shows a steady weight loss up to 600[degrees]C.
Figure 6c and d show morphologies of PABS-g-GNS in which the dark regions are related to the grafted PABS onto the GNS surface.
A comparison was made between the demographic characteristics of the participants in the PIFS and the PABS.
The major differences between the two groups were in education level, marital status, partners' occupation and parity The PIFS was biased towards a lower socioeconomic sample by the choice of the hospitals, as those hospitals chosen were known to have a higher number of public admission patients and were located in lower socioeconomic areas, but even so the difference between the PIFS and the PABS highlighted the economic deprivation of the Aboriginal participants.
The median gestational age was 40 weeks for the PABS (17.
There was a significant difference between the PABS and the PIFS; the log rank test statistic was 5.
A comparison with the PABS data is shown in Figure 1.
The Contractor shall be obliged to draw up a working copy of data collected in the software PABS in order to protect and recover data in the event of a failure in communication.