PACMProgram in Applied and Computational Mathematics (Princeton University; New Jersey)
PACMPresumed Asbestos-Containing Material
PACMPennsylvania Association of Court Management (Bellefonte, PA)
PACMPedophiles Against Child Molestation
PACMPotential Asbestos-Containing Material
PACMPulse Amplitude Code Modulation
PACMPara-Amino Cyclohexyl Methane
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Epoxy Curing Agents and Modifiers: Amicure[R] PACM Curing Agent, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Resin Postcure conditions PACM 2 h at 160[degrees]C [81] PDA 2[degrees]C/min to 225[degrees]C + 20 min isotherm, slow cool DAP 8 h at 150[degrees]C + 2 h at 200[degrees]C [82] D230 2 h at 125[degrees]C [83] D400 2 h at I25[degrees]C |83] TABLE 2.
g], and be less resilient to reverse impact than PACM.
It is expected that amine active hydrogens of PACM are more reactive with BGC, while more self-crosslinking is involved with the IGC:MDA reaction.
Also, as was found with the 1:1 formulations, when BGC is reacted with PACM, the reverse impact follows the inverse behavior of BGC:MDA.
As twice the amount of PACM was added to the epoxide, the cycloaliphatic amine behaved as a toughening agent towards GC and allowed the coating to increase in reverse impact.
Class IV comprises maintenance and custodial activities on a construction site in which employees contact ACM or PACM and activities to clean up waste and debris containing ACM or PACM.
Thus, almost every activity performed by a maintenance or custodial worker in the vicinity of ACMs or PACMs must be done in a manner compliant with OSHA safeguards.
Contractors or subcontractors planning any covered activity must notify the owner of the location and quantity of ACM and PACM known or later discovered.
At the entrance to mechanical rooms containing ACM or PACM, signs shall be posted identifying the material, its location, and appropriate work practices.
Materials identified as ACM and PACM must be labeled.
Where the building owner and employer have relied on data to demonstrate that PACM is not asbestos containing, such data shall be maintained for as long as needed to rebut the presumption.