PACMAPerforming Arts Center and Music Academy (Santa Monica College; California)
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Los casi 9 mil millones de pesos que se han entregado del programa Donativos y Donaciones, los tambien casi 9 mil millones del PACMA y los poco mas de 10 mil millones de pesos que tiene el Fondo de Hidrocarburos deben ser auditados para ver con cuales criterios se han entregado y si los objetivos se cumplieron.
Y agrega: "El de Obras de Beneficio Mutuo o el PACMA estan orientados hacia la infraestructura; 50% de los recursos van hacia caminos, puentes, calles, carreteras, y 20% hacia transporte y comunicaciones.
The footage of gatherings from last year is being publicised in the wake of a successful campaign by PACMA against the notorious Toro de la Vega at Tordesillas, 120 miles North West of Madrid.
The footage posted by PACMA provoked widespread condemnation of the encierros.
In this section, based on some of the key findings from the PACMAS baseline research, we explore people's perceptions of NCDs and their experience of health issues and risk factors of NCDs.
It is not a comprehensive review, but rather has identified some issues and perspectives on NCDs as well as existing media initiatives based on data from the PACMAS baseline study.
Participatory media training projects have been implemented regionally as part of the PACMAS strategic activity on climate change awareness that has seen the adoption of innovative participatory approaches that highlight local issues through community involvement.
There are encouraging signs of ICTs being applied in climate change communication to help address some of the communication challenges identified by the PACMAS baseline research.
Funding for this project was provided under the PACMAS Innovation Fund.
These examples were collected through a baseline study, "PACMAS: State of the Media and Communication Report" (Tacchi, Horst, Papoutsaki, Thomas, & Eggins, 2013), and an Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded research project, Mobilising Media for Sustainable Outcomes in the Pacific Region, that partnered with the international development arm of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC International Development (ABCID) and focused on the PACMAS program.
4) Through AusAID/DFAT funding, PACMAS is one of the major media and communication for development actors in the Pacific.
In addition to the PACMAS IF, UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication administers small grants globally in the Pacific; however, the funds tend to go to established media organizations rather than NGOs.