PACTELPacific Telephone and Telegraph Company
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The buyout of Pactel follows the November 2012 acquisition of Australian Satellite Communications and the January 2013 buyout of Netherlands-based Elektrikom Satellite Service.
PacTel, one of the original Baby Bells created in the 1983 breakup of AT&T, was acquired by another Baby Bell spinoff, SBC Communications, in 1997; SBC, then coming full circle, acquired AT&T Corp.
the portion of the PacTel stock equal in value to the value of the Pacific Purchased Stock).
All the while, Barnes maintained contact with Reid, keeping him abreast of his promotions within PacTel.
Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon, says he told his PacTel bosses (and by his account, there was a constant stream of them) that when he cost the company more than he contributed, he expected to be fired.
Two weeks later, a company that contracts out engineers to PacTel offered him a freelance job.
Meanwhile, Pactel has a four-prong effort to deliver television: (1) MMDS, a wireless broadcast service that can deliver television to a large area such as the Los Angeles basin (where 7 million viewers reside); (2) LMDS, a more narrow-cast wireless service that can supply television to a smaller area and number of users (with LMDS limited two-way and point-to-point service can be delivered); (3) experiments using existing copper wiring to carry high-speed data; (4) limited deployment of hybrid fiber and coaxial cables that resembles cable TV, yet also carries POTS.
AT&T, MCI and Cable & Wireless all dove into the local loop while PacTel and GTE moved to offer long-distance service.
One senior PacTel executive put it this way: "It will be survival of the fittest.
Similarly to John Hancock's experience, PacTel Corp.
But PacTel Vice President Ronald Stowe charged that the pioneers could end up with a 30 percent discount because their price will be based on an average that excludes the values of the markets granted to the pioneers, which are among the nation's largest.
Douglas noted that two major advertisers on the Bee's Beeline service - Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers and Pactel Cellular - dropped out after aggressive advertising campaigns "because they couldn't link gains to audiotex.